Past Presentations

"Panel: What are Your Sustainability Goals?"
BenPalen, Director, Ag Management Partners LLC
Dylan Johnston, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Pinion
Sarah Fox, VP of Sustainability, Vestaron
Nathan Weathers, Producer, Weathers Family Farms

"Changing Face of Labor: Understanding the Trends So You Can Get Ahead of Them"
Hannah Freeman, Co-Founder and CEO, Ganaz

"Data Management: How to Set Yourself Up for Success in the Age of De-Commoditization"
Megan Nunes, CEO, Bountiful

"Five Megatrends That Will Shape Agriculture"
Anniek Meijer, Global Head of Licensing and Collaborations, Syngenta

"Plant Based and Alternative Meat Products: What this Means for Agriculture and Traditional Meat Suppliers"
Heili Kim, Partner, Faegre Drinker

"Food for Thought"
Deborah Perkins, Global Head of Food, ING

"ESG and Impact Investing in the Agri-Sector"
Pan Pan, Director, International China Programme Co-Lead, and Deputy Director of Sustainable Land Use, Climate-KIC, and Tobias Poensgen, CEO, momentum capital

"COVID Employment-Related Issues Connected with the Food and Ag Industry"
Susan Kline, Partner, Faegre Drinker

"Key Insights, Trends, and Research Observed in Ag Investing"
Philippe deLaperouse, Managing Director, HighQuest Partners
Mark Zavodnyik, Project Manager of Consulting, HighQuest Partners

"Scaling Up Organic Grains in the U.S."
Paul McMahon, Managing Partner, SLM Partners